Do we really need QHD screens on our smartphones?

This year has begun with the fever of QHD resolution screens and next thing seems to be almost mandatory for high ranges of manufacturers to incorporate it on their terminals, looking that this resolution becomes a standard as was already the HD and Full HD. At the time we considered the Full HD was overkilling but eventually saw that it was certainly perfect in that time.And the same thing is now going with this new resolution.

Although smaller manufacturers used them first and LG first decided from the “big manufacturers” to use this technology with not very good results and making the LG G3 was not that big step up from its predecessor the LG G2 . Obviously to see that LG had already taken the big risk, Samsung could not be left behind and gave us a taste of this QHD screens with their Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A that was unique from the Korean powerhouse. The culmination came with which today is considered the best screen on a smartphone and is nothing more that incorporates in the Galaxy Note 4 . Despite how great it is, do we really need the QHD in our terminals? In my opinion I think not. And although it has its advantages, the disadvantages of these screens with this resolution seem to be greater than the positives.

Disadvantages of QHD Screens

The first thing that comes to the mind when thinking this screens on a terminal is the energy consumption. Behold one of the main disadvantages hit with the QHD screens representing the autonomy of the terminals . Although continue to be refined and most likely in the future may not be any problem of this kind,no doubt but having such resolution and pixel density in such “small” screen is a problem. In addition we must add that the batteries have not evolved and opt to incorporate a quick charge as we have seen that has happened this year. Obviously processors are able to move such a resolution, but as many pixels that should be removed, no doubt that the battery will suffer.

Just look at the example of Motorola Droid Turbo. With this massive battery that account should overcome and much other teams, but we have seen in the reviews that it barely reaches the whole day, obviously the QHD screen that incorporates not help the cause. Now imagine the same terminal with Full HD panel? No doubt that autonomy would help much farther.The technology should have helped us to move forward instead this is dragging us backwards.Don’t you think so?

Maybe this is not a big disadvantage as such because as I mentioned earlier,the evolution of processors is crazy. They are perfectly capable of moving these types of resolution but we have seen the performance that these can have using a lower resolution as Full HD. Sample is the Xperia Z3 Compact, with only one HD display and less RAM,it presents a stunning performance and battery life to envy, sometimes gets to surpass its older brother. Moving all those pixels, you can reach having lag in the system even though it has enough power.

As I said in the beginning in the start of the article that there is also many advantages like the pixel density of QHD screens gives us stunning picture quality,amazing details which really need to be appreciated but this screens need to solve the lacking to become a overall product or I don’t think we need this if they can’t be more efficient.

Do you think we really need screens with this resolution in our smartphones?

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Discounts On Android Phones At Amazon Wireless

Smartphones are certainly among the most amazing gizmos we have today. They have not only simplified our day-to-day tasks, but have also provided us a great way to get entertained. And, when we talk about smartphones, we usually mean Android based phones. Quite definitely, Android has managed to grab a big piece of the market share and the graph is still on the rise. There are plenty of aspects that make Android smartphones so popular among the consumers, particularly with the younger generation. Owing to its growing demands, several providers have made their entry into the business. Amazon Wireless is one such reliable name that provides cheap Android phones to the customers around the world.

What it is all about?

Amazon Wireless is an e-commerce website that provides all kinds of smartphones and service plans as well. It means that do not have to step out of your home to visit stores. Right from your home, you can check out the range of available Android phones. The cheap phones on Amazon wireless are the best deals you can come across. Amazon Wireless offers several types of discount coupons on most of the Android phones. You can definitely expect the bestselling Android phones in the list provided by Amazon, such as HTC Droid Incredible 2, HTC Inspire 4G, Samsung Droid Charge, HTC Freestyle Phone, Motorola Atrix 4G, HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Infuse 4G, LG Octane, HTC EVO 3D, HTC Thunderbolt, and many more.


Discounts available at Amazon Wireless

The types of offers available at Amazon Wireless are much more interesting than what is offered by the other providers. On Friday, Amazon Wireless comes up with special discount coupons and schemes that can really make you excited. The sale can start from as low as $0.01! So, you can certainly make an assumption of the other such offers. Moreover, Amazon Wireless provides free shipping in most of the regions and does not even levy tax as well (in some states). At Amazon Wireless, you can certainly expect to get the best carriers in the world, such as AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile, Sprint, etc. The Android phones offered by Amazon Wireless come with two years of agreement with the carrier.

So, if you are looking to buy cheap Android phone, the Amazon Wireless is exactly the place where you need to be. Before signing the contract, make sure that you have understood each and every term of the contract.


Different Types Of Online Alarming Systems For Extra Security Services

Whenever people tend to talk about the home security systems, then alarm is the most eminent point for you to deal with. The traditional burglar alarms were previously quite useful but nowadays, you need something extra for the best and most eminent security services for your home, when you are not around or during night. The field of modern technological advancement has increased to a great extent and there are various options, available under the alarm zone. There is some integrated security systems associated with pain and simple alarms, in order to get hold of the best possible option. Thus, you can also have more control over the safety measures, related with the control of your possessions and of the loved ones, as well.

Some reliable options for you to go

If you are a die hard fan of the traditional method, you can try and go for the traditional burglar alarms, which are associated with some of the best methods. Nowadays, the plain and simple burglar alarms are well coordinated with glass break detectors and also window and door open sensors. Some of the other options, which you might have to deal with are motion sensors, panic buttons, control panels and there are various other features, which you might have to deal with. In case a burglar is planning to enter your place by smashing your windows or doors, the alarm is going to know in the first place.

Gas alarms are other options

Apart from the burglar alarms, the modernized version of gas alarms can also be availed. These are also stated a fire or smoke alarms and these are associate with home and official surroundings, as well. Here, the fire alarms are associated with the carbon monoxide gas detectors, which are mostly used in order to ensure protection for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, none-stop. This can be easily done by incorporating another additional monitoring product along with the previous product, for the betterment of the clients.

Environment alarms are eco-friendly option

If you want, you can also try and go for the eco friendly alarms, which will be manufactured without even harming the environment, even a single portion. The main aim of the alarms is to prevent the costly damage, which is caused for leaking water pipes or any sort of freezing temperature areas, surrounding your home. This is not a well known product, but the popularity level is increasing at a fast pace. The areas, which are flood threatened, can easily be safeguarded with the help of this alarming system. Therefore, this product is mostly used in order to get rid of any of the natural disasters, as well and can save thousands of lives, at a single go.

Driveway alarms can also help you

There are some special alarms, designed for the driveway areas, which can also be availed from leading online stores or home security manufacturing units. Anyone, who is planning to pass through the driveway of your place, will get caught in your alarm. It does not mean that the stranger needs to come with any vehicle. Even if he walks in your driveway, the alarm will go off. For installing the home security systems, you have to be extra careful about the products and also the places, from where you are planning to buy those.

Trying to get the best one

You need to try and get hold of the best product, available form leading online stores, which are associated with this field for more than a decade now. You can try and check the credentials of the company, to know if the product is suitable for you or not.


Dell XPS Duo 12 Adds Its Name to the List of Windows 8 PC-Tablet Hybrids

October is getting closer and we now have a sudden rush of hybrid PC-Tablet computers that are designed to run Windows 8 but are also looking to be fairly unique in style. All the companies want to make a mark and instead of looking at the same old designs some are coming up with interesting looks. One of these machines with an interesting look is the Dell XPS Duo 12.

With all the power of an Intel powered PC and all the flexibility of a tablet Dell’s new Windows 8 option also comes with something fairly unique, a tablet screen that can actually be flipped all the way round. With the sudden rush of tablet PCs it definitely looks like the industry is moving towards getting us ready for the big Windows 8 release.


As with other PC-Tablet machines that are being shown at the IFA 2012 this is not a thin tablet, which of course it can’t be with a keyboard hidden behind it. Typical of Dell though it’s rugged and nice looking and has a quality feel to it in whichever mode you have it in. The screen has a frame around it within which the tablet can be swivelled around so that the keyboard can fit behind it, this is of course different than the way Sony and other companies have chosen to hide the keyboard with the slide down function. The swivel action is smooth and not flimsy which is of course important.


The XPS Duo 12 will come in two models, i7 and i5 (based on the power of the Intel chip) with the i7 of course being top of the range. The i7 has a performance level that is comparable to the MacBook Air which will of course be the main competitor for people caught up in the Apple vs PC war that will forever rage. Not much information is available yet on storage options but 256GB of SSD memory is known to be available which is fast and a nice size.


The screen is 10 inches in size and full HD. With the use of Gorrilla Glass the screen is nice and tough but fingerprints can be left when moving the screen back into PC mode, this will be an issue as this is something people will be doing a lot. The main novelty of course is the swivel action of the tablet screen itself which hopefully will be much more than a gimmick.


The PC will come as mentioned in i7 and i5 models and with full HD screen (which will be of course touchscreen) this is going to be a fast and powerful PC and tablet that will give the other competition a run for its money and this does include the MacBook Air, which is of course not a touchscreen system.


Looking at both the XPS Duo 12 and the other tablet/PC hybrids that are being shown off the future is very bright for people interested in the Windows 8 release. It’s a strong performing laptop even without this new release and of course we will have to wait just to see how good Windows 8 can truly be. A lot still relies on Windows 8 to deliver the goods but it’s definitely the case that the hardware makers are stepping up to the plate where the XPS Duo 12 is concerned. No pricing has been given yet so we will have to also wait to see just how expensive this is going to be. The fact is though Microsoft Surface does look to have some pretty big competition coming its way and this will be one of the main competitors by the looks of it.


Deciding if Playstation Plus is Really Worth It

As a gamer I’ve often asked myself a question about the Playstation 3, is it worth paying for a Playstation Plus account? To answer this I guess I would have to add some perspective to the argument. I’m a PC gamer at heart but also play many games on the Xbox, it’s easier to do and in some ways much simpler than having to mess with than a PC. I have a Playstation 3 but it’s often used as a Blu-ray player more than anything, with the occasional gaming session. When Playstation Plus first came out I bit the bullet and became an early adopter and actually enjoyed it.

The Plus account offers you free games and some nice little features such as auto updating to keep you interested. I’ve always found though that if you have more than one console you tend to look to just one of them for the games, and for me that has been the Xbox 360. In December Batman Arkham City is going to be one of the free games made available so I’ve joined Plus again, but the question is, is it worth it?

Is Playstation Plus Worth It

In my opinion other than the incentives you were given when the Plus network was first made available there was little need for Plus really, free games are nice but it offered little more. The fact was, and probably still is when money gets tight and you find you have to give some things up this type of thing will be the things you can lose without much pain. The fact is though, if you were to argue for it the pricing schedule makes it a very nice proposition still. At £11.99/$17.99 for just three months this is actually quite a good deal.

As this is not a review it’s an actual look on the worth of the deal for a Playstation 3 owner the most important thing is what does the user get out of it? The answer has to be the games. Without looking at the actual games on offer right now, the fact is this choice is getting better and better as Plus gets older. Recent additions such as PS Vita support has added to this, and as a Vita user you’ll get even more to offer. If you are a Playstation 3 user only though you have little use for this option. The fact is though at such a cheap price for three months, you are likely to be able to download quite a few free games and complete them before you have to question closing down the account.

So, the question was if it was worth it to pay extra for the Plus account? The question has to be what do you use your Playstation 3 for? If like me you use it more of a movie watching device then you have to question if you are going to even bother using the games that are made available to you. If you are willing to look at your gaming in a broader perspective though and have a desire to play more games and have them for free (while you pay the subscription price to Plus) then you may get quite a lot of usage from the account. The fact is though, other than the games there is little use for paying the extra money. If you were to compare it to the Xbox Live Gold incentives though? Then Playstation Plus is an obvious winner.


Crash, Bang Boom! Mozilla Firefox 35 makes a Splash with New and Amazing Features

Mozilla has released its Firefox 35 web browser, which brings with it some pretty neat enhancements. The latest version of Firefox makes it easier for its users to post a link to a webpage to other services such as Twitter or Facebook. It also makes it much easier to send emails and use video calling options.

All the new features of Mozilla Firefox 35 makes it even look a bit bloated as compared to other web browser services such as Chrome or Yahoo. For instance, users who have already updated their browsers to Firefox 35 will immediately notice the new toolbar which is exploding with features this time around.

Amongst some of the features of Firefox 35 is the WebRTC feature, which enables users to make free video calls, while Firefox version’s 33 and 34 also included the feature, the Firefox 35 makes it easier than ever before by simplifying the whole process down to clicking the “Start a conversation” icon. The new feature provides the user with alerts whenever someone wants to join them while they are browsing the web. By eliminating the need for having to download any software or app, the Mozilla Firefox 35 has made is easier for users to keep in touch with other people via free voice and video calls.

While Mozilla plans to add more features to this service, like a screen sharing option and collaboration during video calls, the new features that have been added to Firefox 35 are more than enough when it comes to global communication.

With the latest Firefox browser, Mozilla also plans to launch its Firefox Marketplace feature to Windows, Linux and Mac. They are doing this by providing apps for the service to users who wish to use them on platforms other than Android or the Firefox OS. The new update also features some of the usual suspects one would expect from a major browser. Twitter, Facebook Google+ and Tumblr are all now available from a single site, which makes sharing content over the web easier than ever before. That being said, users will still need to activate the social networks of their choice via Mozilla’s Share Activation Page. Mozilla has also enhanced its authentication to encrypted connections, and has improved on its responsiveness to dynamic styling in the latest Firefox 35 browser. Other features also include built in support for MP4 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, tiled rendering for OS X, an improved image resizing performance and added CSS filters that are enabled by default.

Firefox 35 has been designed for Mac, Linux, Windows and Android users and can be downloaded from


Copying troubles for Linux festival – Letter to NZ Herald from our CEO demands retraction.

Over recent days our business has been inundated with unwanted feedback on a NZ Herald article that at best, was less than flattering and at worst vulgar and personally threatening to our innocent team. Sadly it reflects an inability to communicate the facts clearly and deadline pressures for your freelance journalists to submit an article.Your article is factually incorrect with respect to the reason we declined to replicate Mr McKee’s CDs. We wrote to him to ’withdraw our quotation and offer’ citing that ’Software Images is unwilling to be dragged into any public debate with your organisation or others’. Also, it was ’a commercial decision of Software Images, so that our team can retain focus on our business activities not public debates.’

Personally I am unwilling to make a decision on behalf of a client under journalistic pressure. The feedback that has since been directed to our staff and our business has been mostly disgusting and a sad reflection of the improper power of the press and the internet. Sadly, rather than altering the decision, it has in fact reinforced it. A popular IT industry website today notes ’… this is pretty much only going to help our cause. We couldn’t ask for better advertising (both the NZ Herald, and Slashdot).’ So it seems that the NZ Herald is prepared to damage the good reputation of our business to advertise the interests of others; rather than accurately report.

Therefore; I suggest the NZ Herald should print a correction and this letter. Furthermore there are basically two commercial issues that any reputable CD replicator faces;

Respect for Intellectual Property (IP): Software Images places a high value on our clients IP (music or software), we have indeed turned down work in the past where ownership/copyright/IP, whatever term you want to use, is to our knowledge in question. This probably differs from many replicators who may just rest on their disclaimer, or just turn a blind eye. Software Images will always try to protect and respect others IP as we hope people will respect ours. In this case we were still gathering information about the SCO v IBM litigation, when pressured for a story by the reporter concerned. However, the fact that we were aware of it, our company we will err heavily on the side of caution until we are presented with sufficient data to make a decision.

Existing relationships: Software Images is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and has earned a quality relationship with Microsoft NZ. The relationship goes past the point of customer/supplier of CDs and packaging. We have developed and implemented systems that serve our clients at a strategic level. This involves the exchange of creativity, ideas, and of course Intellectual Property. We believe there can be a conflict of interest for us to supply the same kind of high level services to Eaden. We have a non-compete clause in our service level Agreement with Microsoft which we respect. It had no bearing on our decision.

At all times or decisions were commercial ones, placing a high value on IP and protecting existing relationships. It is unfortunate this has been perceived as Software Images attacking Linux, which is simply untrue. It is also both surprising and hurtful the kind emails that have been received by members of staff. Software Images employs a wide range of ages and cultures, and some of the correspondence we have received has caused unnecessary hurt and offence to good people. This does the Linux community no favours.

I feel that this is a gross breach of journalistic integrity. I would like to discuss this further with a responsible senior editorial staff. I’d like to direct you to some of the emails and damaging website postings that you article generated against our business and more importantly, our crew.