What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs? Beginners Need These 3 Things!


I’m often asked what I think are the best affiliate marketing programs out there. That’s a very good question. There are so many out there, how do you even begin to choose? I’ve compiled a list of three very important need to know strategies when selecting the right affiliate marketing program.

What does that mean exactly? Well…exactly what it says. Does the company that you are looking into becoming an affiliate of leave you high and dry? Or do they offer comprehensive training? This will be a very important factor especially if you are new to the affiliate marketing arena. The proper training tools will go a long way in ensuring that you are successful. That one word is after all what we are after, is it not?

Going hand in hand with the proper training tools, chatting with a live coach can be very helpful indeed. What happens if there is an area of training that you simply aren’t grasping? Is there someone readily available that can lead you through it? It’s been my experience that a friendly ear really has no replacement. When someone has a vested interest in seeing you succeed, and the right affiliate marketing program will, then you have the luxury of building from a solid foundation.

What does that mean? You remember getting those “paint-by-number” books when you were younger? Fun to a point but boring in the end? This color goes here, that color goes there. Simple right? That however is exactly how you want your journey to success to be. Who wants to struggle figuring it all out on your own? You want your new online affiliate marketing experience to be a “Do this now and then do this” proposition.

Learning from the people who are already seeing success, and using the “cookie cutter” method by doing what they do, ensures that success is closer than you might think. Get rich quick schemes have seen their day in the sun. Now it boils down to hard work, effort, and time.

We all know that nothing in life is free. The bottom line is you will only get out of anything what you put into it. We spoke of hard work, effort, and time. There is also a matter of money. The fact of the matter is nothing is ever free. That includes a good affiliate program. You have to spend money to make money.

Having said that, if the marketing program that you are deciding on meets all of the above criteria, then it’s likely well worth any investment you may make. I know, you didn’t like reading that just then. Most of us begin to dabble in affiliate marketing because we’re broke. I get it. I was there. I wanted something that I could use to take control of my future. I was tired of having to decide whether we were going to get a few groceries or pay the water bill. We were so broke we literally had to live without running water for 3 months because once disconnected we couldn’t afford to have it turned back on.

That was the position I found myself in. I had no alternatives. It had to be free. So I studied on the net. For days I sifted through program after program. Then I stumbled on a company that I had never heard of. Wealthy Affiliate. Catchy name. Must be a scam. Bet they’re promoting some get rich quick scheme.

Listen, I’ve tried a lot of network marketing, multi-level marketing, home based businesses, surveys, you name it, all to come up short in the end. None of them worked the way they said they would. Forgive me if I was a bit skeptical.

Ok so you’re telling me that this company called Wealthy Affiliate is going to offer me two free web sites and let me test drive their training and community? I bit. I had nothing left to lose. I signed up and you know what? I’ve never looked back.

From the training, to the hands on community, to the paint by numbers success. It was all there for the taking. Each day I put in the time. Each day I kept my nose to the grind. And each day I took a step closer to the place that I wanted to be.

My father in law once said “Russell anyone can swing a hammer, it’s knowing where to swing it that ultimately brings the money in.” You know what? He was right.

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