Energizer Rechargeable AAA Batteries

Energizer batteries. I find these batteries are ok for use in a product. Utter crap. Ok they would be good if they would CHARGEEEE! Very good for about 20-24 months. I have been using the Energizer 900mAh Rechargeable AAA for alot MP3 FM radio recording and sony walkman radio use. M.a.h., important. The first reviewer is refferring to the mah. Energizer NiMH AAA Rechargeables. there are many counterfeit and expired items out there on the internet. AWESOME!! I love these batteries. My wife says they don’t last. I got these for my wife who listens to AM radio on her portable Sony radio while commuting on the bus and train, 5 days a week. Re-charge. So far these have been great batteries. Quality. batty quality poor. Great for me. After two years of being pleased with my first set of AA energizer rechargeable batteries in my digital camera, I ordered this set AAA for my TV remote.
Rechargeable and always ready. It is very convenient to have spare rechargeable battereies on hand. SAVE MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT AT THE SAME TIME. In this day and age it is hard to understand why everyone isn’t using rechargeable batteries. Work Great! These keep my flashlight/laser pointer working well. Can be found anywhere for the same price. Same price as in any local store. Exactly what you expect – rechargeable batteries. Energizer rechargeable batteries last for decent periods of time in kids “Shake ‘em up” cars, “Geo Trax” trains and buildings, computer mice and cordless keyboards. What more do you want. I mean they are batteries, they power stuff, and they work, they can be recharged, you save money! Better to pay for the name brand this time. These batteries last a long time. WONT EVEN CHARGE ON AN ENERGIZER CHARGER!!!!!!!! i thought these were good because there were 4 batteries and they were cheap. Pathetic. Sorry, but if you’re going to market a product as “rechargeable batteries” then they should not only be rechargeable but they should also work as BATTERIES. DO NOT LAST, DON’T WASTE YOUR $$$$ These batteries do not hold a charge much over a 1/2 hour if your lucky, I can’t even get them to hold a charge now at all.
Can’t hold a charge!!! Worst rechargeable batteries ever!! I bought these batteries for my Sony voice recorder which I use 3-5 days in the week for 4 hour lectures. Charge them right and they’ll last! First off, I would like to say that these batteries can NOT be used in the 15-minute chargers. Excellent performance. I use a digital voice recorder a lot. Underwhelming performance. Considering these are “name brand” batteries, I would have thought they would tend to perform better. RECHARGABLE AAA’s ARE THE ONLY WAY TO GO. I bought a set of these batteries for my grand daughter’s digital camera and they’ve been great. Not the best. I don’t know if it is the charger or the batteries but i haven’t had the best of luck with these.
4 NiMH “AAA” rechargeable batteries * each battery rated at 900 mAh * Energizer Rechargeable AAA Batteries (4-pk.)

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