Business Presentation Must-Haves

There is no shortcut to successful presentations. It takes preparation, focus, and even practice to be ready for such an event. Most business executives and staff secure everything they need weeks before the demonstration. What you say and how you look will reflect on your company, so spend time making your slides and speech. Read on to know the presentation must-haves and tips on gearing up for this business affair.


Your laptop contains the most important things, from slides to business plans. Days before the event, transfer the files and work directly on your computer. You don’t want to misplace relevant documents, so research and encode everything in one folder in your laptop. This makes it easier for you to look for and browse the slides during the presentation. Always save and have a backup of your work, though. Using a flash drive or external disk is advisable whenever you finish doing a segment in your slides.

Presentation day: Bring the laptop with its power supply or an extra battery. Use a presentation remote clicker and pointer if possible, so you can be free to walk while speaking. Carry an extension cord if the venue is outside your office.

Presentation folders

Provide your clients hard copies of your slides. This way, they can review your business plan without asking you to play back the slideshow. Keep the documents simple and avoid using fancy fonts. After all, your clients are after the information and not the design. The text color, punctuation, images, and folders will also say something about your company. Look for printing firms that can produce custom folders, where you can include your brand name and logo.

Presentation day: Keep your documents in a customized folder with your brand. Organize the files days before, so you can just hand out the copies to your clients.


It is normal for presenters to feel nervous before and on the actual day. You can reduce the stress, though, by preparing your speech early. Identify your key points and focus on them. Researching about your clients matters too, so you can justify how your company can help them. Practice so you can get rid of your stage fright and improve your oral skills.

Presentation day: Bring your presentation cards with your key points and notes. Make sure they are small and won’t grab your clients’ attention. You can also use presentation software that allows you to read copy from the laptop screen that the audience doesn’t see on the projected slide.


Being presentable is a matter of grooming. For men, you can look professional by cutting your hair short and getting a clean shave. Women don’t have to use a lot of cosmetics, because light makeup will always do. Use only light perfume.

Presentation day: Don’t fix your hair, apply makeup, or change your clothes at the venue. Arrive in the location properly groomed if possible. Act smart and mind your posture.

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