9mobile Data Plans: Bundles Subscription Codes

Data plans give you access to the internet to surf, stream and download. You can do any of these on smartphones, tablet or Pc. If your priority is 3 in 1. Speed, fair data volume and availability in most locations in the country. The, my brother, you need this detailed article onEtisalatt data plans.
Etisalat plans in this article have been segregated into categories/sections.
These plans work on all device irrespective of its operating system.
9mobile Daily Internet Plans.
There are 2 9mobile internet plans here for extremely low internet users. Or let me say java and Symbian users.
Because those are the only phone you can access the internet with just 10MB or 50MB.
These bundles are valid for 24 hours (1 day).
50 Naira to get 10MB – Dial *229*3*8# or text MI3 to 229 to subscribe.
100 Naira to get 40MB – Text MI1 to 229 or dial *229*3*1# to buy.
Weekly 9mobile Internet Bundles.
There is only a single plan under this category and it is valid for a week (7 days).
200 Naira to get 150MB – To subscribe, dial *229*2*10# or text LCD to 229 has SMS.
9mobile Monthly Data Plans.
Their monthly plans ranges from 500 Naira for 500MB to about 85,000 Naira for 100GB.
All plans in this category are valid for a month (30 days to be precise).
500 Naira to get 500MB – Dial *229*2*12# or sms LCD2 to 229 to subscribe.
1000 Naira to get 1GB – To subscribe dial *229*2*7#.
1200 Naira to get 1.5GB – Opt in with *229*2*25# or AND11 to 229.
2000 Naira to get 2.5GB – Dial *229*2*8# or sms AND2 to 229 to opt in.
3000 Naira to get 4GB – To subscribe to this plan, dial *229*2*35#.
4000 Naira to get 5.5GB – Opt in with *229*2*36#.
8000 Naira to get 11.5GB – Dial *229*2*5# or text MB6 to 229 to subscribe.
10,000 Naira to get 15GB – To subscribe dial *229*4*1# or send SM1 to 229 as sms.
18,000 Naira to get 27.5GB – Opt in with *229*4*3# or send SM3 to 229.
84,992 Naira to get 100GB – Dial *229*4*5# or text SM5 to 229 to subscribe.


Plan plans
USSD codes
SMS to 229
The 1GB night only plan (12am -5am)
1 day
2GB evening & weekend plan (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of the weekend
30 days
5GB evening & weekend plan (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of the weekend
100MB WhatsApp (24/7)
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
30 days
Please note: valid for 30 days. auto-renewal & data rollover apply. bundles not applicable while roaming.
Daily 10MB
24 hours
Daily 40MB
24 hours
7 days
30 days
quaterly plan (30GB)
90 days
bi-annual plan (60GB)
120 days
100GB Plan
30 days
annual plan (120GB)
365 days
1GB (weekend plan)
friday 11:59pm – sunday 11:59pm
please note: auto-renewal applies. to stop auto-renewal, dial *229*0#. rollover applies when you purchase the same bundle (daily, monthly, quarterly. bi-annual and annual).
9mobile Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual Data Plans 2018.
These 9mobile data plans is regarded as mega plan. Pay once and get access to the internet for the next 3 to 4 months or even a year.
Unless off course you exhaust the allocated data volume before the validity period.

1.) 27,500 Naira to get 30GB.

Their monthly plans range from 500 Naira for 500MB to about 85,000 Naira for 100GB
Once the plan expires, the call rate becomes 40 Kobo/Second or 24 Naira/Min. You can opt out by dialling *229*0#.
This plan is valid for 3 good months (90 days).
You can subscribe by dialing *229*5*1# or sending 4M to 229 as sms.

2.) 55,000 Naira to get 60GB.

Validity period for this plan is 4 months (120 days).
Dial *229*5*2# or text 6M to 229 to opt in.

3.) 110,000 Naira to get 120GB.

It is valid for a year (365 days).
To subscribe, dial *229*5*3# or send 12M to 229.
9mobile Night Plans.

There is currently only one plan under this category.


1.) 200 Naira to get 1GB.

The data volume (1GB in this case) allocated to you is usable between 12am – 5am and valid for just a night.
Dial *229*3*11# to subscribe.
9mobile Evening & Weekend Plans.

There are three (3) 9mobile internet plans under this category.


1.) 1000 Naira to get 2GB.

This plan is valid for 30 days and usable between 7PM – 7AM during week days (Mon – Fri) and anytime on Saturdays and Sundays.
Dial *229*3*12# to subscribe.

2.) 2000 Naira to get 5GB.

Also valid for a month (30 days) and can be use from 7PM – 7AM on Mon – Fri and anytime on Saturdays and Sundays.
It comes with a bonus. 100MB for Whatsapp usable 24/7.
Dial *229*3*13# to subscribe.

3.) 500 Naira to get 1GB.

This plan is usable and valid just for a weekend (Friday 11:59pm – Sunday 11:59pm).
Dial *5995*2# to subscribe.
All 9mobile browsing plans above support auto-renewal.
However, you can stop auto-renewal by dialling *229*0#.
Rollover applies when you purchase same internet plans (daily, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual).

9mobile Smartphone Internet Bundles.

Once you subscribe to any of these smartphone plans, you can call any number at the rate of 20 Kobo/Second or 12 Naira/Min.
9mobile Smartpaks Plans.
Smartpaks gives you cheap access to social media apps which includes WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, BBM, wechat, eskimi, Instagram and kakao talk.

Choose a package to suit your lifestyle:

 The chat pack gives you access to instant messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, BBM & wechat.
The video pack offers two uninterrupted hours of video streaming. enough time to enjoy a live football match, catch a movie, or chill out with youtube.
Use the social me pack to stay connected to facebook, twitter, Instagram and BBM.
you don’t need to change your phone to a more expensive model; the chat pack works well with an app-enabled basic device such as the Nokia Asha and techno t635. please note that our fair usage policy applies.

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