8+ Best Android MMORPG Games in 2021

Today, Here I tell you about best MMORPG game android. I think you all play game like RPG, MOBAs and more types game on your smartphone. Now some games available on android phone which call MMORPG full for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. In this types of game you play real-world game, you can wonder in game, you can complete tasks and complete your game like GTA android. Games are the best way to time pass and also you enjoy on game if you play any game you never boor in.  So, Here I add information about some latest MMORPG android game.

Best Android MMORPG Games in 2021

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

Order and Chaos 2 Redemption made by Gameloft Company. This is best MMORPG game for phones. At the start in the game, you make your own hero and use him in game play time. You can explore the open world of Order and Chaos, complete tasks and much more to do. You can use your sword for a fight with enemies and many of features. After RPG games in android, you can play MMORPG games on your android and Order and Chaos 2 is best for you.

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Raider Legend is other one best MMORPG games. This is Role Play Game. Raider is most fair MMORPG game. Graphic of this is more stunning. In this game, you can explore in up to 17 maps. You can fight with your friends in 1V1, 3V3, 5V5 modes available. You environment of this game is enchanted. If you want to play MMORPG game then this one is best for you. This is free app on Google Play Store. In this game you fight with bots, kill fierce Boss and more.


Hit is another MMORPG game. This game made by NEXON company. Hit requires some hardware requirement for play this game on your smartphone but you can use in your any best smartphone which has better hardware. This is best real-time PVP game. you can play with 6 players in brawl arena. If you talk about his graphic then the graphic of this game is completely super 3D environments. Fighting visuals of this game are super. You may download this game a wonder in this endless adventure. This is Editors’ Choice in Google Play Store. You can download this best MMORPG game NOW.

Pocket Starships MMORPG

This is space combat MMORPG game. Pocket Starship this downloaded over 100 thousand time form Google Play Store. Some features like you use spaceships to travel through space and fight battles with your friends in arena 1V1, 3V3 and 5V5 game modes. This graphic of this is super like real galaxy. This is best game for you if you like space fight you can download this game from Google Play Store at free of cost.

RPG Toram Online

RPG Toram Online is the MMORPG game. this is another new and successful MMORPG game. In this game you also creat your players like Order and Chaos 2 Redemption. You can kill many Monsters, play with other players around the world. Yes, You meets many new players from any country. Graphic of this is phenomenal with 3D real-world type game. This game is available on Google Play Store with In-App-Purchase.


IZANAGI Online is one of the best-rated MMORPG game. This game features 100+ quests, best visual 3D quality. In this game also see players Assassin, Fighter, Mage and other types of Mobile Legend. In this game also features 3V3, 5V5 types game modes to fight with other world players. You can choose your hero and kill all ugly boss in game. In my opinion this one best action MMORPG game.

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Divine Might – 3D MMORPG

Divine Might is another top MMORPG for Android in this list. This also works on story-based game play like most MMORPG games follows you see before. Like others games, in this game you can fight with enemy and save innocent people. Graphic of this is better, environment looks like real world. In this game you also equip your pets, train your pets and much more in this game you see. Divine Might is best android MMORPG open world game this year.

Stellacept Online

This is one of another best-rated MMORPGs android game. i also play this game literally, i joy so much in this game. Graphics of this game is fabulous. You can play game with other country players online and win game step by step. The story of this game looks realistic, kill enemy soldier, kill boss and more in this game you see. So if you find a new type of store game then you can use Stellacept Online for your android.

Armed Heroes

Armed Heroes made by Entertainment Game Labs company. This is one of the best rated real-time MMORPG game. The story of this game is super, the story of this game is a legend story you do lots of joy in this game. In this game your main task to save world by enemies. You can fight with 6 heroes in different classes like warrior, Assassin, Knight, Archer, Wizard and Necromancer. By the information you can find 150,000 pieces of equipment in the game and this is huge amount. So you can use this game lots to find the pieces. You can download this game from Google Play Store.

Final Words

So, Here you all know about which is best MMORPG android game. But you all see this game also on Google Play Store and downlaod these MMORPG game. These games are free to install form Play Store but you must know about these all games game In-App-Purchase. Now thanks for reading this article if you satisfie with this then tell my in comment or any issue post comment below.

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