Creating a great customer experience – Part 2

Last week I introduced the notion of customer experience and how it was an important part of any business’s brand this week I want to take it a step further and talk about presenting your business.

Presenting your business

1. On the telephone

a. Have a standard greeting and ensure that everyone uses that greeting. b. Try and ensure that the greeting is made in a warm and welcoming manner. c. Ensure that if a caller is put on hold that they are updated on the call’s progress. d. Never ask a caller to call back, say can I get someone to call you.

2. In person

a. If you have staff, a neat and tidy uniform always appears professional. b. Where possible address a customer by name. c. Be attentive to and focus on the customer and don’t be distracted by other things going on in your business. d. Don’t leave a customer unattended in a waiting room, if there is a delay advise the customer, tell them how long you expect the delay to be and ask if they would like a tea or coffee etc. e. Make sure that anywhere a customer goes in your business is neat, tidy and not cluttered. f. Always ask the customer is there anything else you can do to help.

3. In print/Online

a. Use your logo on all material and make sure that your logo is positioned identically on all of your material e.g. top left corner, centred or wherever else you choose to locate it. It is the consistency of positioning that is most important. b. If you have a tag line use it on all your material. c. Establish a colour palette and stick to it. d. Choose a standard type font – print face and size – and use it on all of your material. e. Make sure that everything that emanates from your business both print and online looks the same and is readily identified as being from your business. f. Establish a writing style, avoid jargon and technical language. The most successful style, I believe, is a style which is friendly but professional. g. Use the same style of images on all material.

All of the above is about getting the basics right and establishing a foundation on which you can build a great customer experience.

Next week, in Part 3, I will bring the discussion together.

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