Why Did Instagram Changed Their Profile Viewer List?

The recent change in the viewer list for Instagram has caused a lot of discussion and confusion among users. The question is, why did Instagram make this change? And what can you do now to keep your followers from getting kicked off your page or getting kicked out altogether?

There are a number of reasons why Instagram changed the viewer list, but it is important to understand that it was not done overnight. They had been working hard to make the change over the past few months and have been testing different ways to get people on their new list, which included offering incentives such as being the first to sign up to your newsletter.

Instagram’s reasoning for changing their viewer list is simple. If you have a large group of subscribers that are highly engaged and interested in your brand, you will get a better response from your subscribers when they view your content. Therefore, they need to make the viewer count. If you have a large number of inactive users, it may not be worth your time to send out a new ad, so they are determined to remove inactive users from their list.

So, how do you make sure you are still within the audience you want? Here are some tips:

Make Your Content Count – The viewer list you use will be determined by the type of content you offer on your page. Content will include images, videos, audio and other types of media. If you only have text on your profile, you will lose your audience. However, if you have several videos and images, you will attract a different set of viewers. Use these two tools, which help determine your audience size, to your advantage by focusing your content on only a small set of demographics.

Use YouTube to Your Advantage – You may have seen this already, but you may not know it. For many of the largest brands on the Internet, YouTube is where they advertise. By using YouTube as a way to promote your page or your brand, you will get immediate exposure, even to your non-customers. When a consumer sees your advertisement, they will click through to your site, making it easy for you to continue to build a relationship with that individual and build a loyal following. By using YouTube to promote your page or brand, you can also reach a broad audience in many other forms, as well.

Video Marketing – If you don’t have a video, send out a message to your subscribers or a video with your URL embedded to YouTube to build your followers. Just like Twitter, YouTube allows for two different formats for videos. One format, which uses text, and the other format that embeds a link to your website.

Finally, there is one way to help you build your following on Instagram that does not involve any form of advertising, and that is through your community. In order to grow your following, you can begin by joining groups. In these groups, you can help grow your network and you can also help find products to sell within your community. You can also start a new community with people you know who are interested in your niche, allowing you to continue to build relationships with each other.

If you want to build a more targeted audience list, you should consider several things. First, consider what type of content you provide in your page. In your profile, include your location, age, gender, interests and hobbies. This information is important for Instagram, because it helps determine who is most likely to purchase your product.

Second, when you are building your audience list, you should focus on building relationships with those on your audience list. Through conversations or other forms of interaction, you can gain their trust and credibility and you can build a strong relationship.

These are just some of the ways to increase your visibility and your revenue with Instagram. There are many more. In fact, you are in control of how you use Instagram as the creator of your personal brand.

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