Top 11 Star Wars games

So the force awakens is a few months away as of this week and if you’re like me your spending every waking moment carving the number of days left into the back of the scale model of carbonite frozen Han Solo you made from the melted Ewok figures you have… because reasons, but there is a less crazed way to spend your time. So here are the TOP 11 STAR WARS GAMES OF ALL TIME to get you through those grueling months to come.

11. Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy

For those who never played this, here’s the pitch: Create and customize a Jedi student studying at Luke’s post *death of the emperor* Jedi school and lean via your choices either towards the light or dark side of the force, all the while exploring a plethora of the star wars planets. Now you’re probably asking why is this game only number 11? The voice acting and game mechanics become detached sometimes and the final push to the end game somehow manages to be a mix between rushed and lazed.

10. Star Wars: Episode One Racer

What?! A game based on something from the prequel trilogy being awesome? Blasphemy I hear you proclaim? Well while I may agree that whatever pit crawled the prequel series is dark, probably horrid and Jar Jar filled hell, but pod racing was truly one of the redeeming factors of the series to me and this game is a breed of fast pace racing that actually takes a large amount of skill to play on higher levels. So let’s ignore the pain in our souls and thank the prequels for at least one good thing! …Darth Maul.

9. Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Yes I realize how amazing Star Wars battlefront as a series is, thrown into galactic conflict as a solider or pilot and yes I know that I am somehow a fool for not putting this higher but trust me, I love this game to this day and still play it!… on GameRanger, a free Mac and Windows PC program or on LAN servers… because they shut the servers down for the game… so in order to play you have to scour forums and join groups. Doesn’t take away the fun just the ease of play which is why I still think of it as one of the best.

8. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

A Lego game is on this list because Lego games are fun, cool and inventive and this one was pure nostalgia fuel for me, and if you’re like me and want to introduce a loved one to the fun of star wars then this a quirky and immersive way to do it.

7. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The appeal of overwhelmingly powerful and destructive force powers, including ripping Star Destroyers from the very sky was enough to pull many a gamer and star wars fan to buy this game, and no matter what your opinion of the new characters and original story of this game or it’s portrayal of the franchise favorites, It delivered what it promised. The force was Unleashed before needing a nap so it could awaken later in 2015.

6. Republic Commando

What another Prequel game? This time based on those weird looking cgi clone troopers? Yes and just so you know the characters and this game in total had enough unique and filling personality to be a film or TV series all their own which would be great because this game is sadly just too short.

5. Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

Question: Did you ever want to pilot one of the many iconic ships of the Star Wars series? Answer: *VIOLENTLY STABBING ME WHILE YOU SCREAM YES!* As I thought well this game will answer all of the pilot dreams of your youth (and lets not deny, your adulthood.) this also has the honor of being one of the last star war games to have the Death Star trench run in it.

4. Star War pinball

Its pinball and Star Wars… play it, like soon. Cause its addictive.

3. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

This game was released at developer Lucas Arts heyday of marketing and the amount of constant it came along side showed, that with a comic, a novel, and a amazing soundtrack this game got an amazing treatment that made it unique to play when looked at from the stand point that it involved an entirely new character and bridges a gap between two of the original trilogy movies, this game was one the closest experience of being Han Solo without being Han Solo.

2. Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

This game is old yes but so is the original trilogy so give it a chance people who think that didn’t begin didn’t start till 1994. An early adopter of the password save system and multiple characters to take through the plot of the movie. Try this game if you’re feeling in a retro console mood.

1. Star Wars: Knights of the old republic 1 & 2

Bioware long before Shepard apparently didn’t know about the military regulations regarding flirting with subordinates or dragon had you… flirting with your followers, they made KOTOR which had you… doing that too, But an immersive story, grand memorable cast, and quotes, a galaxy to explore on your very own ship, a choice and moral system, customizable characters and combat system, and amazing story spanning two games and a cult following that resulted in an MMO being made. Can you not see why this is the best Star Wars game and what will get you through the year till the force jolts from its sleep!


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