iCloud To Be Announced Today

Even though Apple CEO Steve Jobs is currently on medical leave for several months now, the company has told reporters that they are having him talk about the new developments in the company during today’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Included in this year’s conference are the updates to their device platforms, the new Mac X Lion and iOS 5, plus their newest baby that is also being hyped, the iCloud music service. This is the one that everyone is currently talking about.

For a service explained simply as something that would make iPod, iPad, iPhone and even Mac users potentially eliminate any need to store their gigabytes of music on their hard drives and free up the space for something they might find more useful, the iCloud is promising in the way that it could extend from its current offering of music to something like movies. Analysts say that it might even go further, as it could spawn a new generation of still-unknown devices that would be based on cloud computing. Apple could be defining a whole new technology area, much in the way that they did with the iPad.

Speaking of Apple users, it is one big factor that places the company ahead of the pack even though its rivals Amazon and Google have already launched their own cloud music services earlier this year. iOS subscribers numbering at around 200 million, that still excludes the other iTunes users playing music on their Macs. Aside from that, Apple has also gotten hold of licensing agreements with the major record labels in the music business, something that Google and Amazon have decided against in rushing their music lockers onto the market. The labels are noted to be still declining to comment before the launch.

Something that sets aside the iCloud from competitors is that it works on mirroring files upon detecting similarities among those already in their archives, a difference from completely uploading a user’s whole library to be able to access it in the future. Streaming these files from the cloud would require less resources and is less time-consuming than syncing files between different devices. The differentiates Apple’s iCloud service from Amazon and Google.

Apple, meanwhile, is also reported to be talking to the film industry, speculated to be building up for the possibility of adding streamed movies and videos to service. Apple has always been known to try unique things in the market to extend its vision of technology.

Whereas previously the June conference was used as the launching pad of the iPhone models, the next iPhone is rumored to be due this September and the spot has now been taken by the debut of the iCloud music locker.

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