Earn money by selling a domain name

Ever heard people saying “Hey I am in a domain business” and thought what he actually do ?

Selling domain names is what a person in domain business do. Selling of domain requires a bit of research and marketing techniques. It is very profitable for webmasters. Usually a blogger or webmaster will first work on his domain to get good number of organic traffic, and once its done he would let his domain go in some other hand in exchange of handsome money. A domain may be tagged for few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for selling, it ultimately depends on the time you invested in decorating it.

This article aims teaching you earn big money through domain selling. The very first thing you should do is find a good keyword. Now question arises what is a ‘good keyword’ ? In domain selling a good keyword would be a keyword which is searched a lot by the people but ain’t used by any webmaster. Finding a good keyword, as told earlier, needs a bit of research. You can use tools such Google keyword tool to achieve the same, there are many other tools too, in case you didn’t know.

These keyword tools work in simple way, first you have to enter a keyword which you think should be quite popular. Next the tool will show you number of global searches, local searches and the competition for the keyword. You will reach closer to your aim once you find a keyword with high number of global searches but a very low competition.

Once you have got a perfect keyword, you can go for registering a domain name which has this magical keyword in it. Once you have purchased domain having the keyword, your next step is to purchase a good hosting. Setup the domain and hosting and next you have to do is investment, not of money but of time and traffic driving content. You have to setup a website on this domain and have to post content which will drive good amount of search engine traffic, the higher the traffic, the higher the price tag for domain. Simply buying a domain name and not setting up website won’t make you rich.

You can increase your profit margin by purchasing a good domain+hosting pack. Generally these types of packages will be cheaper than purchasing domain and hosting pack separately. Make sure your domain contains the keyword and is not used by any one else. If you find it difficult to purchase a domain with exact keyword then you can manipulate the domain name. How ? Simple make use of “-”, “i”, “e”, “the” etc. For example you found keyword “Blogging tips” with good amount monthly searches but a very low competition then your first priority should be to buy a domain which contains only this keyword, but sometimes conditions are not in our favour so in that case, you can modify the keyword like ebloggingtips, ibloggingtips, blogging-tips etc, by doing so you will get the domain name. But if you don’t find yourself comfortable with modifying keyword, then do another research and find a keyword with good amount of monthly searches and a domain with that keyword which is available.

Once you have registered the domain name and setup webhosting on it, start working on creating website on domain name. You should publish articles which have your keyword in it and should optimize them. You would reach close to success once you apply SEO techniques, optimization, reputation building etc to your article and keyword. These practices will improve your listing on search page, you will jump to first or second page once you have done all the optimization correctly. Once you start getting organic traffic, your next step would be to monetize your website. Apply for AdSense or affiliation and sell the products on your website, this will generate good revenue for you. You will earn money every time someone clicks on your AdSense ads and if it ain’t invalid, don’t click yourself or ask anyone to do so else you will face BAN. Also everytime you make an affilate sell, you will be rewarded with good amount of money. You will enjoy being affiliate even more if you look for an affilate program related to your keyword, in this way you will make even larger amount of sells.

Along with optimizing website to get good number of traffic, you have to also make your online presence and have to increase your reputaion in online world. This can be achieved through GOOD link building practices, they will make you closer to success as long as the link building practices are fair. You can get good amount of backlinks by registering on forum and adding your website in signature, blog commenting, web directories and through social bookarmaring site. There are rticle directories too where you can submit your article and can get even more backlinks. These links should be natural else you will be panalized by search engines. You also get targetted traffic when you submit your website’s articles in relevant directories. More traffic means more money while selling your domain. Soon your Alexa rank will also be approved and if you are getting dofollow backlinks from reputated website then your website will be entitled to a PageRank. You can sell your domain for good amount even if you don’y have high organic traffic but good Alexa and PageRank. Once you are ranked and reputated with backlinks, try to find how much worth your website is, if it turns out be low, no need of worry since when traffic will increase the price tag for your domain will also improve.

Once you start feeling that all the factors affecting price of a domain name are in your favour, you can then put your domain name in domain auction and all you have to have is patience. After some time you will start getting offers for your domain name, if you find a reasonable offer then you can sell the domain off to that person. After selling and all the transaction is done, you have to transfer your domain name to buyer through your webhosting control panel.

If you are happy with the amount of money you received, you can continue your work in domain business. You can research for another keyword and do what you had done with the previous domain, once all is finished you will again earn handsome money by selling a domain name.

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