Developing and Publishing Nokia Applications becomes easier with new Nokia Qt SDK v1.0

The Nokia Qt SDK version 1.0 was today released which had earlier remained under beta version since April. The new stable version of the Nokia Qt SDK comes with a final Windows environment which is compatible for both the Symbian as well as Maemo and can be used to create some useful applications for those platforms. The final version that was released today can be used on any Windows or Linux based computer but for making use of it in a Apple Mac computer there is a separate version which still lies under the beta testing. There have been many changes that are incorporated in the final version and it aims at simplifying the process of developing and publishing applications for millions of Nokia devices.

The Nokia Qt SDK version 1.0 has many new features built into it so as to make cross-platform development of Nokia applications much more efficient. Some of these features that are now available can be mentioned as under:-

It can now be installed by simply connecting a device to any install package available which would automatically configure the environment for development.

There are now many intuitive tools available within it including a debugger to develop applications rapidly.

A very light weight yet quite effective simulator is available to try out the projected app virtually.

There are Qt APIs which allows to deal with the programs more qualitatively without going after complicated programs.

You can now create applications for Symbian, Maemo and even the MeeGo devices by simply following only a few line of codes which can be even one line at minimum to create robust applications for Nokia devices.

There is a smart installer for installing applications which is signed by the OVI store thereby making it easier for the developers to publish their applications.

So with all these good features which are only a few among the list of all that are available, it is expected to help the developers to create new and feature-rich applications for Symbian, Maemo or MeeGo powered Nokia devices. It will also contribute in extending the scope of developing applications thereby increasing the number of active developers. Therefore, the release of Nokia Qt SDK version 1.0 can certainly be seen as a positive event and we can expect to see some really cool applications to release in the days ahead.

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