Best Practices Group for Automated Onboarding Now on LinkedIn

The investment banking industry has been pressed to improve business practices while reducing overall operating costs. In response to these constraints, an automated practice of onboarding and certifying electronic trading connections is growing in popularity. This automated process is able to:

• Reduce customer abandonment • Curb revenue losses • Lower fixed operational costs • Permit more concurrent onboarding, as customers are less dependent on interaction with an onboarding specialist.

Why isn’t everyone adopting this time- and money-saving technique? In order to gain insight into approaches for automating onboarding in the electronic trading industry, Lasalletech has launched an exclusive LinkedIn group, Automated Certification & Testing. This interactive community is for those interested in process automation. Here, participants can exchange ideas about best practices and industry trends. Part of the group is also dedicated to the launching of a virtual roundtable series. The roundtables will be held regularly, with industry experts weighing in on various onboarding-related topics. The first roundtable will be focused on automated testing for trading platforms and will be held in March.

Prior to creating the group there was not a forum dedicated to discussing topics around improving value and reducing operating costs through automating processes such as testing and certification. Most conversations took place at conferences and meetings with clients. This group provides the industry a way to quickly share ideas on automation from around the globe.

The new group will feature informative discussions and materials about automated onboarding and certification, as well as detailed information about upcoming events. Members are encouraged to participate in interactive conversations. The group also serves as a great networking and professional development tool for members to find users who share the same interest in the industry. Group members can share best practices and ideas with electronic trading industry professionals, creating a community of members who are highly interested in the development and implementation of automated onboarding and certification; providing an excellent forum in which participants can continue their productive and engaging discussions at any place, at any time.

To keep the conversation focused and free of spam the group will remain exclusive. If you would like to join the group, please contact or visit the group here.

More information on the roundtable will be available in the near future, so check back for updates.

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