Apple iPod Nano Multi-Touch

Apple, who is well known to have amazed all the gadget crazy folks with its unique design and features that comes with each and every products that they offer has once again proved its might and dominance by launching yet another masterpiece of beauty i.e. the Apple iPod Nano Multi-Touch. This very sleek and lighter version of the iPod Nano carries some of the most awesome features which can can let you swing with the tunes of music simply with the touch of a fingertip. It has gone much smaller and lighter than its predecessors, yet retaining all the beauty and rich functionality that it is widely known for. At this time, when the iPod’s seemed to be overpowered by the existence of the mighty iPhone and iPad, the redefined version of the iPod Nano will definitely bring back its fame and popularity to reach new heights as it is likely to be globally acclaimed by many music enthusiastic and iPod admirers.

The new iPod Nano is blessed with the Multi-Touch feature which is the same that led to the great popularity of the iPhone, iPad and the iTouch which it has released so far. It has been redesigned to appear much squarer as opposed to the taller designs that it once used to bear in the previous releases and the buttons are also no more available. Instead, it now proudly wears a very cute 1.54″ touchscreen having a 240-by-240 pixel resolution which has the flavor much common to that of the iPhones or the iTouch. It now looks much more cute with lots of colors and the sleek anodized aluminum design which can be easily clipped into our sleeves, bag, or jacket using the built-in clip available with it.

The Apple iPod Nano (Multi Touch) also has an FM Radio, Voiceover, Genius mixes and Nike+ built into it. The OS is revamped to support the touch feature which lets you navigate by swiping and tapping with the finger tip. It also supports a 24 hour battery life which is quite considerable if not excellent. It is currently available in eight different colors and two size capacities of 8GB and 16GB. The former comes for a price of $149 while the later may cost you $179 respectively. The colors that are available for this product are grey, pink, blue, green, orange, charcoal, and Red.

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