Dell XPS Duo 12 Adds Its Name to the List of Windows 8 PC-Tablet Hybrids

October is getting closer and we now have a sudden rush of hybrid PC-Tablet computers that are designed to run Windows 8 but are also looking to be fairly unique in style. All the companies want to make a mark and instead of looking at the same old designs some are coming up with interesting looks. One of these machines with an interesting look is the Dell XPS Duo 12.

With all the power of an Intel powered PC and all the flexibility of a tablet Dell’s new Windows 8 option also comes with something fairly unique, a tablet screen that can actually be flipped all the way round. With the sudden rush of tablet PCs it definitely looks like the industry is moving towards getting us ready for the big Windows 8 release.


As with other PC-Tablet machines that are being shown at the IFA 2012 this is not a thin tablet, which of course it can’t be with a keyboard hidden behind it. Typical of Dell though it’s rugged and nice looking and has a quality feel to it in whichever mode you have it in. The screen has a frame around it within which the tablet can be swivelled around so that the keyboard can fit behind it, this is of course different than the way Sony and other companies have chosen to hide the keyboard with the slide down function. The swivel action is smooth and not flimsy which is of course important.


The XPS Duo 12 will come in two models, i7 and i5 (based on the power of the Intel chip) with the i7 of course being top of the range. The i7 has a performance level that is comparable to the MacBook Air which will of course be the main competitor for people caught up in the Apple vs PC war that will forever rage. Not much information is available yet on storage options but 256GB of SSD memory is known to be available which is fast and a nice size.


The screen is 10 inches in size and full HD. With the use of Gorrilla Glass the screen is nice and tough but fingerprints can be left when moving the screen back into PC mode, this will be an issue as this is something people will be doing a lot. The main novelty of course is the swivel action of the tablet screen itself which hopefully will be much more than a gimmick.


The PC will come as mentioned in i7 and i5 models and with full HD screen (which will be of course touchscreen) this is going to be a fast and powerful PC and tablet that will give the other competition a run for its money and this does include the MacBook Air, which is of course not a touchscreen system.


Looking at both the XPS Duo 12 and the other tablet/PC hybrids that are being shown off the future is very bright for people interested in the Windows 8 release. It’s a strong performing laptop even without this new release and of course we will have to wait just to see how good Windows 8 can truly be. A lot still relies on Windows 8 to deliver the goods but it’s definitely the case that the hardware makers are stepping up to the plate where the XPS Duo 12 is concerned. No pricing has been given yet so we will have to also wait to see just how expensive this is going to be. The fact is though Microsoft Surface does look to have some pretty big competition coming its way and this will be one of the main competitors by the looks of it.

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