Deciding if Playstation Plus is Really Worth It

As a gamer I’ve often asked myself a question about the Playstation 3, is it worth paying for a Playstation Plus account? To answer this I guess I would have to add some perspective to the argument. I’m a PC gamer at heart but also play many games on the Xbox, it’s easier to do and in some ways much simpler than having to mess with than a PC. I have a Playstation 3 but it’s often used as a Blu-ray player more than anything, with the occasional gaming session. When Playstation Plus first came out I bit the bullet and became an early adopter and actually enjoyed it.

The Plus account offers you free games and some nice little features such as auto updating to keep you interested. I’ve always found though that if you have more than one console you tend to look to just one of them for the games, and for me that has been the Xbox 360. In December Batman Arkham City is going to be one of the free games made available so I’ve joined Plus again, but the question is, is it worth it?

Is Playstation Plus Worth It

In my opinion other than the incentives you were given when the Plus network was first made available there was little need for Plus really, free games are nice but it offered little more. The fact was, and probably still is when money gets tight and you find you have to give some things up this type of thing will be the things you can lose without much pain. The fact is though, if you were to argue for it the pricing schedule makes it a very nice proposition still. At £11.99/$17.99 for just three months this is actually quite a good deal.

As this is not a review it’s an actual look on the worth of the deal for a Playstation 3 owner the most important thing is what does the user get out of it? The answer has to be the games. Without looking at the actual games on offer right now, the fact is this choice is getting better and better as Plus gets older. Recent additions such as PS Vita support has added to this, and as a Vita user you’ll get even more to offer. If you are a Playstation 3 user only though you have little use for this option. The fact is though at such a cheap price for three months, you are likely to be able to download quite a few free games and complete them before you have to question closing down the account.

So, the question was if it was worth it to pay extra for the Plus account? The question has to be what do you use your Playstation 3 for? If like me you use it more of a movie watching device then you have to question if you are going to even bother using the games that are made available to you. If you are willing to look at your gaming in a broader perspective though and have a desire to play more games and have them for free (while you pay the subscription price to Plus) then you may get quite a lot of usage from the account. The fact is though, other than the games there is little use for paying the extra money. If you were to compare it to the Xbox Live Gold incentives though? Then Playstation Plus is an obvious winner.

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