Crash, Bang Boom! Mozilla Firefox 35 makes a Splash with New and Amazing Features

Mozilla has released its Firefox 35 web browser, which brings with it some pretty neat enhancements. The latest version of Firefox makes it easier for its users to post a link to a webpage to other services such as Twitter or Facebook. It also makes it much easier to send emails and use video calling options.

All the new features of Mozilla Firefox 35 makes it even look a bit bloated as compared to other web browser services such as Chrome or Yahoo. For instance, users who have already updated their browsers to Firefox 35 will immediately notice the new toolbar which is exploding with features this time around.

Amongst some of the features of Firefox 35 is the WebRTC feature, which enables users to make free video calls, while Firefox version’s 33 and 34 also included the feature, the Firefox 35 makes it easier than ever before by simplifying the whole process down to clicking the “Start a conversation” icon. The new feature provides the user with alerts whenever someone wants to join them while they are browsing the web. By eliminating the need for having to download any software or app, the Mozilla Firefox 35 has made is easier for users to keep in touch with other people via free voice and video calls.

While Mozilla plans to add more features to this service, like a screen sharing option and collaboration during video calls, the new features that have been added to Firefox 35 are more than enough when it comes to global communication.

With the latest Firefox browser, Mozilla also plans to launch its Firefox Marketplace feature to Windows, Linux and Mac. They are doing this by providing apps for the service to users who wish to use them on platforms other than Android or the Firefox OS. The new update also features some of the usual suspects one would expect from a major browser. Twitter, Facebook Google+ and Tumblr are all now available from a single site, which makes sharing content over the web easier than ever before. That being said, users will still need to activate the social networks of their choice via Mozilla’s Share Activation Page. Mozilla has also enhanced its authentication to encrypted connections, and has improved on its responsiveness to dynamic styling in the latest Firefox 35 browser. Other features also include built in support for MP4 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, tiled rendering for OS X, an improved image resizing performance and added CSS filters that are enabled by default.

Firefox 35 has been designed for Mac, Linux, Windows and Android users and can be downloaded from

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